Synonyms of thought in English:


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1‘a thought came to me as to how we should proceed’

idea, notion, line of thinking, belief, concept, conception, conviction, opinion, view, impression, image, perception, mental picture
assumption, presumption, hypothesis, theory, supposition, postulation, abstraction, apprehension, understanding, conceptualization
feeling, funny feeling, suspicion, sneaking suspicion, hunch

2‘the mere thought of being confined made her breathless’

anticipation, expectation, prospect, contemplation, likelihood, possibility, fear

3‘he gave up any thought of taking a degree’

hope, aspiration, ambition, dream
intention, idea, plan, design, purpose, aim

4‘it only took a moment's thought’

thinking, reasoning, contemplation, musing, pondering, consideration, reflection, introspection, deliberation, study, rumination, cogitation, meditation, brooding, mulling over, reverie, brown study, concentration, debate, speculation
rare cerebration

5‘I'll give the matter some thought’

attention, consideration, heed, regard, notice, scrutiny, care

6‘have you no thought for others?’

compassion, sympathy, caring, concern, regard, solicitude, solicitousness, empathy
consideration, kindness, kindliness, kind-heartedness, tender-heartedness, tenderness, warmth, warm-heartedness
understanding, sensitivity, thoughtfulness, charity, charitableness, benignity, benevolence, philanthropy, altruism, magnanimity