Synonyms of traveller in English:


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1‘thousands of air travellers were left stranded’

passenger, tourist, tripper, tourer, journeyer, voyager, excursionist, holidaymaker, sightseer, visitor, globetrotter, jet-setter
backpacker, pilgrim, gadabout
rover, wanderer, explorer, discoverer, scout, surveyor, reconnoitrer, prospector
commuter, fare payer, fare
North American vacationer, vacationist
informal gallivanter

2‘a travellers' site’

gypsy, Romany, tzigane, didicoi
New Age traveller, New Ager
nomad, migrant, wanderer, wayfarer, itinerant, drifter
derogatory transient, vagrant, vagabond, tinker, tramp
offensive gyppo, pikey
travelling people, travelling folk