Synonyms of vibrate in English:


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1‘the ground beneath their feet began to vibrate’

quiver, shake, tremble, quaver, waver, shiver, shudder, judder, jiggle, wobble
rock, undulate, move, heave, convulse, jerk, jolt, jar
oscillate, vacillate, swing, sway, move to and fro, swing back and forth, swing backwards and forwards, wave, agitate, waggle, wag
North American wigwag

2‘a low rumbling sound began to vibrate through the car’

throb, reverberate, pulsate, pulse, palpitate, resonate, resound, ring, echo, re-echo, boom, thunder, thump, pound, beat, drum, thud, thrum, hammer
ripple, murmur, hum, drone
rare quop