Synonyms of vibration in English:


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1‘the slightest vibration of the water's surface is detected by the beetle’

quiver, quivering, shake, shaking, shaking movement, quaver, quavering, quake, quaking, tremble, trembling, tremor, judder, shiver, shivering, shudder, shuddering
oscillation, vacillation

2‘the room shakes with the vibration of rock rhythms’

reverberation, resonance, throbbing, throb, vibrating, pulsation, pulsing, rumbling, rumble, beating, beat, drumming, drum, thumping, thump, thrumming, thrum, pounding, pound, palpitating, palpitation
hum, humming, murmur, murmuring, drone, droning, buzz, buzzing