Synonyms of visit in English:


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1‘I was away visiting a dear uncle of mine’

call on, call in on, pay a call on, pay a visit to, pay someone a call, pay someone a visit, go to see, come to see, look in on
stay with, spend time with, be the guest of, holiday with
stop by, drop by, pay a call, pay a visit, come to stay
North American visit with, go see
informal pop in on, drop in on, blow in on, drop round to see, look up

2‘Alex was visiting America on a hectic tour’

stay in, stop over in, spend time in, holiday in
tour, drive round, go round, explore
see, view, inspect, survey, examine
North American vacation in

3‘the citizens were visited with repeated epidemics of a strange disease’

afflict, attack, assail, trouble, harrow, torment, torture
descend on
archaic smite


1‘after reading the play she paid a visit to the poet’

social call, call

2‘a school visit to the Ashmolean Museum’

trip to, tour of, look around, look round
stopover, stop-off, stay, stop
holiday, break
British minibreak
North American vacation
North American informal vacay
formal sojourn


    be visited on someone

    ‘it is hard to imagine a greater psychological cruelty visited on a child’