Synonyms of walk all over someone in English:

walk all over someone

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1‘be a bit firmer with the kids or they'll walk all over you’

take advantage of, impose on, exploit, make use of, use, abuse, misuse, manipulate, take liberties with, trifle with, play with
walk over, take for a ride, put one over on, play for a sucker, run rings around

2‘Kelburne looked as though they were going to walk all over the home team’

trounce, beat hollow, defeat utterly, rout, annihilate, triumph over, win a resounding victory over, be victorious over, crush, overwhelm, best, get the better of, worst, bring someone to their knees
thrash, lick, hammer, clobber, paste, pound, pulverize, crucify, demolish, destroy, drub, give someone a drubbing, cane, wipe the floor with, give someone a hiding, take to the cleaners, blow someone out of the water, make mincemeat of, murder, massacre, slaughter, flatten, turn inside out, tank
British stuff, marmalize
North American blow out, cream, shellac, skunk, slam
US own