Synonyms of wrangle in English:


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1‘a demeaning wrangle over a small amount of money’

argument, dispute, disagreement, quarrel, row, fight, squabble, difference of opinion, altercation, angry exchange, war of words, shouting match, tiff
tussle, brouhaha, fracas, rumpus, brawl, clash, scuffle, battle, war, feud
controversy, uproar
Irish, North American, Australian donnybrook
informal falling-out, set-to, run-in, shindig, shindy, dust-up, punch-up, scrap, spat, free-for-all, argy-bargy, ruckus, fisticuffs, ruction
British informal barney, bunfight, ding-dong, bust-up, ruck, slanging match
British informal afters
Scottish informal rammy
North American informal rhubarb
archaic broil, miff



1‘negotiators had wrangled over details of the agreement’

argue, quarrel, row, have a row, bicker, squabble, have words, debate, disagree, have a disagreement, have an altercation, be at odds, bandy words
contend, fight, have a fight, war, battle, feud, clash, grapple, brawl, spar, wrestle, tilt, come to blows, cross swords, lock horns, be at each other's throats, be at loggerheads
informal fall out, scrap, go at it hammer and tongs, fight like cat and dog
rare altercate, chop logic
Scottish archaic threap