Synonyms of a little in English:

a little

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1‘if it's too thick, add a little water’

some, a small amount of, a bit of, a touch of, a soupçon of, a dash of, a taste of, a dab of, a spot of, a modicum of, a morsel of, a fragment of, a snippet of, a tinge of, a particle of, a jot of, a shade of, a suggestion of, a trace of, a hint of, a suspicion of
a dribble of, a splash of, a driblet of
a pinch of, a sprinkling of, a sprinkle of, a grain of, a speck of
informal a smidgen of, a tad of

a lot of, a great deal of

2‘after a little, Oliver came in’

a short time, a little while, a bit, an interval, a short spell, a short period
a minute, a moment, a second, a split second, an instant, a flash
informal a sec, a mo, a jiffy, a jiff

a long time

3‘the whole scene does remind me a little of the Adriatic’

slightly, faintly, remotely, vaguely
moderately, somewhat, a little bit, quite, to some degree, fairly
informal sort of, kind of, kinda, ish

a great deal