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1‘light filtered through a tiny window above the door’

over, higher than, higher up than, overlooking
on top of, atop, on, upon

below, under, beneath

2‘no one above the rank of Colonel was willing to compromise himself’

superior to, senior to, over, higher than, higher up than, more powerful than, more responsible than, ahead of
in charge of, commanding

below, beneath, junior to

3‘you must be above suspicion of any impropriety’

beyond, not subject to, insusceptible to, not liable to, not open to, not vulnerable to, not exposed to, not in danger of, superior to, out of reach of, immune to, exempt from

4‘I have always valued culture above technology’

more than, over, before, rather than, in preference to, in favour of, instead of, sooner than

5‘the increase is above the rate of inflation’

greater than, more than, higher than, exceeding, in excess of, over, over and above, beyond, surpassing, upwards of

less than, below

6‘the river above the bridge’

upstream from

7‘they live above the Arctic Circle’

north of, northwards from


1‘in the darkness above, something moved’

overhead, at the top, on the top, at a higher place, on a higher place, high up, on high, up above, in the sky, up in the sky, high above one's head, aloft, in the heavens, up in the heavens

2‘we will return to some of the issues raised above’

earlier, previously, before, formerly, further back


1‘the above example was chosen to illustrate the underlying problem’

preceding, precedent, previous, earlier, former, foregoing, prior, antecedent, above-stated
aforementioned, aforesaid
rare anterior, prevenient, precursive, supra


    above and beyond

    ‘you might consider giving employees an extra day or two off each quarter, above and beyond sick days’

    in addition to, as well as, over and above
    North American informal outside of
    archaic forbye
    above oneself

    ‘everyone thinks that you've been getting above yourself lately’

    conceited, proud, arrogant, self-important, haughty, disdainful, snobbish, snobby, supercilious, imperious
    informal stuck-up, cocky, high and mighty, snooty, uppity, uppish, big-headed, swollen-headed, too big for one's boots
    above all

    ‘the job offered wider horizons, higher status, and, above all, a valuable source of income’

    most importantly, before everything, beyond everything, first of all, most of all, chiefly, primarily, in the first place, first and foremost, mainly, principally, predominantly, especially, essentially, basically, elementally, in essence, at bottom
    informal at the end of the day, when all is said and done