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1‘the car accelerated down the hill’

speed up, hurry up, get faster, move faster, go faster, drive faster, get a move on, put on a spurt, open it up, gain momentum, increase speed, pick up speed, gather speed
informal step on the gas, step on it, get cracking, get moving
North American informal get a wiggle on
Australian informal get a wriggle on

decelerate, slow down

2‘inflation started to accelerate’

increase, rise, go up, advance, leap, surge, speed up, escalate, spiral, get worse

slow down, drop

3‘the University has accelerated its planning process’

hasten, expedite, precipitate, speed, speed up, hurry up, make faster, step up, advance, further, forward, promote, boost, give a boost to, stimulate, spur on
aid, assist, help along, facilitate, ease, make easier, simplify
informal crank up

delay, slow down