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1‘she studied the theory and practice of acting’

drama, the theatre, the stage, the performing arts, dramatic art, dramatics, dramaturgy, stagecraft, theatricals, theatrics, the thespian art, show business
performing, performance, portraying, portrayal, playing a role, appearing on stage
informal the boards, treading the boards, show biz
rare thespianism, histrionics

2‘EC law prevents the ministers from acting’

taking action, taking steps, taking measures, doing something, moving, making a move, reacting, functioning, working, performing

3‘he looks angry but we know it's all just acting’

pretending, pretence, play-acting, make-believe, illusion, masquerade, feigning, shamming, hoaxing, bluffing, posture, posturing, posing, affectation, counterfeit, subterfuge, dissimulation, dissemblance, falsification, humbug
sham, hoax, bluff, show, front, facade, charade, guise, pose
British false colours
informal a put-on, a put-up job


1‘the acting governor of the bank’

substitute, deputy, reserve, fill-in, stand-in, caretaker
temporary, short-term, provisional, interim, intervening, pro tem, improvised, surrogate, stopgap, transitional, changeover
pro tempore, ad interim
informal second-string
North American informal pinch-hitting