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1‘her brother was a heroin addict’

abuser, user
informal junkie, druggy, druggie, space cadet, -freak, -head, -fiend, tripper, hype, hypo, cokey, pill popper, metho
North American informal hophead, hoppy, needle man, schmecker, snowbird
informal, dated drugger
North American informal, dated dope, dopester, junker, snifter
rare narcotist, morphinist, morphiomaniac, etheromaniac, viper

2‘the resort is a must for all skiing addicts’

enthusiast, fan, fanatic, lover, devotee, aficionado, master, wizard
adherent, follower, admirer
informal buff, freak, nut, fiend, maniac, ace
North American informal geek, jock
South African informal fundi