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1‘the soil is greatly improved by the addition of compost’

inclusion, adding, adding in, incorporation, introduction, insertion

2‘an improved machine for the addition of numbers’

adding up, counting, totalling, computation, calculation, reckoning, tallying, summation
informal totting up
informal, dated casting up

3‘he proposes a number of additions to existing taxation’

supplement, appendage, adjunct, addendum, add-on, extra, accompaniment, extension, rider
increase, increment, augmentation


    in addition

    1‘conditions were harsh and in addition some soldiers fell victim to snipers’

    additionally, as well, what's more, besides, furthermore, moreover, also, into the bargain, to boot

    2‘there were eight presidential candidates in addition to the General’

    besides, as well as, on top of, along with, plus, over and above
    other than, apart from, excepting, with the exception of, excluding, not including, barring, bar, save, save for, omitting, leaving out, not to mention, to say nothing of