Synonyms of address in English:


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1‘Juliet looked at the scribbled address on the envelope’

inscription, label, mark, superscription

2‘she wondered if she had come to the wrong address’

location, locality, place, situation, whereabouts
house, home, residence
British flat
North American apartment
formal dwelling, dwelling place, habitation, abode, domicile

3‘the president's address received lukewarm applause’

speech, lecture, talk, monologue, dissertation, discourse, oration, peroration
sermon, homily, lesson
North American salutatory
informal spiel
rare disquisition, allocution, predication


1‘I addressed the envelope by hand’

label, direct, inscribe, superscribe

2‘the preacher addressed a crowded congregation’

talk to, give a talk to, give an address to, speak to, make a speech to, lecture, give a lecture to, hold forth to, give a discourse to, give a dissertation to, give an oration to, declaim to
preach to, deliver a sermon to, give a sermon to, sermonize
informal speechify to, preachify to, spout to, jaw to, sound off to, spiel to, drone on to

3‘she is always uncertain how to address her boss’

greet, hail, salute, speak to, write to, talk to, make conversation with, approach
name, call, describe, designate
formal denominate

4‘any correspondence should be addressed to the Banking Ombudsman’

send, direct, mail, communicate, convey, forward, remit
British post

5‘hold the putter off the ground as you address the ball’

take aim at, aim at, face

6‘the minister failed to address the issue of subsidies’

attend to, tackle, see to, deal with, confront, grapple with, attack, buckle down to, get to grips with, embark on, settle down to, direct one's attention to, turn to, get down to, concentrate on, focus on, apply oneself to, devote oneself to
turn one's hand to, try to deal with, try to sort out, take up, take in hand, undertake, engage in, become involved in
informal get stuck into, get cracking on, get weaving on, have a crack at, have a go at, have a shot at, have a stab at