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1‘he unlocked the door to admit her’

let in, allow entry, permit entry, grant entrance to, give right of entry to, give access to, give admission to, accept, take in, usher in, show in, receive, welcome
take on, enrol, enlist, register, sign up

exclude, bar, expel

2‘he admitted three offences of reckless driving’

acknowledge, confess, reveal, make known, disclose, divulge, make public, avow, declare, profess, own up to, make a clean breast of, bring into the open, bring to light, give away, blurt out, leak
concede, accept, accede, grant, agree, allow, own, concur, assent, recognize, realize, be aware of, be conscious of, appreciate
informal get something off one's chest, spill the beans about, tell all about, blow the lid off, squeal about
British informal blow the gaff on
archaic discover

deny, conceal