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1‘my lecturers advised me about the application process’

counsel, give counsel, give counselling, give guidance, guide, make recommendations, offer suggestions, offer opinions, give hints, give tips, give pointers, direct, give direction, give directions, instruct, give instruction, illuminate, educate

2‘he goes on to advise an effective means of achieving this goal’

advocate, suggest, recommend, commend, urge, admonish, bid, encourage, enjoin, push for, press for, subscribe to, endorse, champion, back, support, speak for, call for, campaign for, argue for, promote, prompt

3‘club members will be advised of the outcome of this meeting’

inform, notify, give notice, apprise, brief, give intelligence, send word, keep posted, warn, forewarn
acquaint with, make familiar with, make known to, let know, enlighten as to, give information about, keep up to date with, update about
informal give the low-down, give the rundown, fill in on, clue up about, clue in on, put in the picture about, put wise about, keep up to speed with
British informal gen up on, give the gen