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1‘he retired at the age of 36’

number of years, lifetime, duration, length of life
stage of life, generation, age group, peer group
years, summers, winters

2‘her hearing had deteriorated with age’

elderliness, old age, oldness, seniority, maturity, dotage, senility
one's advanced years, one's advancing years, one's declining years, the autumn of one's life, the winter of one's life
formal senescence
archaic eld
rare caducity

youth, childhood

3‘the Elizabethan age’

era, epoch, period, time, aeon, span

4‘you haven't been in touch with me for an age’

a long time, a lifetime, an eternity, seemingly forever
hours, days, months, years, aeons, days on end, hours on end, months on end, ages and ages, a month of Sundays
British informal yonks, donkey's years
North American informal, dated a coon's age


1‘Cabernet Sauvignon ages well, especially in oak’

mature, ripen, mellow, become mellow, make mellow, season, condition, soften, sweeten, grow up, come of age
become old, grow old, make old, weather, decline, cause to decline, wither, fade