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1‘hundreds of birds hovered in the air’

sky, heavens, ether
atmosphere, aerosphere, airspace

2‘I was opening the windows to get some air into the room’

breeze, draught, wind
breath of air, gust of air, flurry of air, waft of air, puff of wind, whiff of air, blast of air

3‘he upended his glass with an air of defiance’

expression, appearance, look, impression, aspect, manner, bearing, mien, countenance
mood, quality, ambience, aura, feeling, flavour, tone
informal vibe

4airs‘he never could stand people putting on airs’

affectations, pretension, pretentiousness, affectedness, posing, posturing, pretence
self-importance, superiority, condescension, ostentation, snobbery, superciliousness, pomposity, arrogance, haughtiness, hauteur, pride, conceit, airs and graces
informal swank, snootiness, uppishness, side

5‘a traditional Scottish air’

tune, melody, song, theme, strain, refrain, piece, aria
literary lay


1‘this is a chance for you to air your views’

express, voice, make public, vent, ventilate, articulate, state, declare, give expression to, give voice to
make known, publicize, publish, disseminate, circulate, communicate, spread, promulgate, broadcast
reveal, announce, proclaim, divulge, submit, raise, moot, propose
discuss, debate
have one's say

2‘the windows were opened regularly to air the room’

ventilate, aerate, freshen, refresh, cool, air-condition

3‘the film was aired nationwide’

broadcast, transmit, beam, put out, send out, televise, show, telecast, relay, put on the air, put on the airwaves, disseminate
informal screen


    up in the air

    ‘it's still up in the air whether he is going to join us’

    uncertain, unknown, undetermined, unsettled, unresolved, unsure, pending, in the balance, in limbo, in no man's land, debatable, open to question, in doubt
    informal dicey, hairy, iffy
    British informal dodgy

    certain, settled

    in the air

    ‘lots of exciting things are in the air here’

    going on, happening, afoot, around, about, abroad, circulating, current, stirring, in circulation, at large, going about, in the wind
    brewing, looming, on the way, in the offing, on the horizon
    informal on the go, doing the rounds, on the cards, in the pipeline
    literary astir