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1‘your baggage allowance’

permitted amount, permitted quantity, allocation, allotment, quota, share, ration, grant, limit, portion, helping, slice, lot

2‘her father gave her an allowance’

payment, pocket money, sum of money, remittance, contribution, consideration, handout, grant, subsidy, maintenance, financial support, subsistence, benefit, stipend, pension, annuity, keep, upkeep, expenses

3‘a tax allowance’

concession, reduction, decrease, deduction, discount, weighting, rebate, refund, repayment
Indian weightage


    make allowances for

    1‘you must make allowances for delays’

    take into consideration, take into account, bear in mind, keep in mind, not lose sight of, have regard to, provide for, plan for, make plans for, foresee, anticipate, get ready for, cater for, allow for, make provision for, make preparations for, prepare for, accommodate, make concessions for
    bargain for, reckon with, remember

    2‘she made allowances for his faults’

    excuse, make excuses for, forgive, pardon, overlook, pass over, treat leniently, condone
    rare remit