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1‘stands of trees alternate with dense shrubby tundra’

be interspersed, follow one another, be staggered, take turns, take it in turns, act in sequence, work in sequence, occur in turn, occur in rotation
rotate, oscillate, see-saw, yo-yo, chop and change, fluctuate

2‘we could alternate the groups so that no one felt they had been left out’

give turns to, take in turn, rotate, take in rotation
intersperse, stagger, swap, exchange, interchange, switch, vary


1‘she was asked to attend on alternate days’

every other, every second

2‘place the leeks and noodles in alternate layers’

alternating, in rotation, rotating, occurring in turns, interchanging, following in sequence, sequential

3‘an alternate plan of action’

alternative, other, another, second, different, possible, substitute, replacement, deputy, relief, proxy, surrogate, cover, fill-in, stand-in, standby, emergency, reserve, backup, auxiliary, fallback
North American informal pinch-hitting