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1‘a cloud of dust appeared on the horizon’

become visible, come into view, come into sight, materialize, take shape
informal pop up, bob up

disappear, vanish

2‘by now, fundamental differences between them were beginning to appear’

be revealed, be seen, emerge, manifest itself, become apparent, become evident, surface, come to light, arise, crop up, occur, develop, enter into the picture

3‘by ten o'clock Bill still hadn't appeared’

arrive, turn up, put in an appearance, make an appearance, come, get here, get there, present oneself
informal show up, show, show one's face, pitch up, fetch up, roll in, blow in

4‘he and Charlotte appeared to be completely devoted’

seem, look, give the impression of being, have the air of being, have the appearance of being, come across as being, look as though one is, look to be, strike someone as

5‘the paperback edition didn't appear for another two years’

become available, come on the market, go on sale, come out, be published, be produced
come into existence

6‘he appeared on Broadway’

perform, play, act
take the role of, take the part of