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1‘refer to the appropriate page of the atlas’

suitable, proper, fitting, apt
relevant, connected, pertinent, apposite, applicable, germane, material, significant, right, congruous, to the point, to the purpose
convenient, expedient, favourable, auspicious, propitious, opportune, felicitous, timely, well judged, well timed
seemly, befitting, deserved
ad rem
formal appurtenant
archaic meet, seasonable

inappropriate, irrelevant


1‘he acquired resources by appropriating local church lands’

seize, commandeer, expropriate, annex, arrogate, sequestrate, sequester, take possession of, take over, assume, secure, acquire, wrest, usurp, claim, lay claim to, hijack

2‘allegations that he had appropriated £40,000 had led to his dismissal’

steal, take, misappropriate
thieve, pilfer, pocket, purloin, make off with
informal swipe, nab, rip off, lift, filch, snaffle, snitch, bag, walk away with, walk off with, liberate
British informal pinch, nick, half-inch, whip, knock off
rare peculate, defalcate
euphemistic abstract

3‘there can be constitutional problems in appropriating funds for these expenses’

allocate, assign, allot, earmark, set apart, set aside, devote, apportion, budget

4‘his images have been appropriated by advertisers’

plagiarize, copy, reproduce
poach, steal, bootleg, infringe the copyright of
informal pirate, rip off, crib, lift