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1‘she caught a glimpse of him as he disappeared’

while, just as, even as, at the time that, at the same time that, at the moment that, during the time that, just when

2‘there were some who felt as Frank did’

in the way that, in the same way that, the way, the same way, in the manner that, in the same manner that
informal like

3‘do as you're told’

archaic that which

4‘the athletes were free to compete again, as the case against them had not been proved’

because, since, seeing that, seeing as, considering that, on account of the fact that, in view of the fact that, owing to the fact that
informal on account of
literary for
archaic forasmuch

5‘try as she did, she couldn't laugh’

although, though, even if, even though, in spite of the fact that, despite the fact that, notwithstanding the fact that, notwithstanding that, for all that, while, whilst, albeit, however

6‘trains compete successfully with the airlines over short distances, as Paris to Lyons’

such as, like, for instance, for example, e.g., to give an instance, to give an example, by way of illustration, as an illustration

7‘I'm away a lot, as you know’

which, a fact which, something which


1‘he was dressed as a policeman’

in the guise of, with the appearance of, in the character of, so as to appear to be

2‘I'm speaking to you as your friend’

in the role of, being, acting as, functioning as


    as yet

    ‘there is no sign of them as yet’

    so far, thus far, yet, still, even now, up till now, up to now, until now, up to the present time
    as against

    ‘37 per cent said yes, as against 64 per cent in 1994’

    compared to, compared with, by contrast with, next to, against, beside
    as it were

    ‘the street plan evolved, as it were, by natural selection’

    so to speak, in a manner of speaking, in a way, in some way or other, to some extent, so to say
    informal sort of
    as for

    ‘as for composts, he recommends peat-free varieties’

    concerning, respecting, with respect to, on the subject of, as regards, regarding, with reference to, re, in regard to, with regard to, apropos, in the matter of, in connection with
    in re