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1‘he had a strong attachment to his mother’

bond, closeness, devotion, loyalty
fondness for, love for, liking for, affection for, affinity for, tenderness for, feeling for, sentiment for, regard for, respect for, admiration for, reverence for
relationship with, friendship with, intimacy with

2‘the shower had a soothing massage attachment’

accessory, fitting, fitment, extension, supplementary part, supplementary component, extra, extra part, adjunct, addition, add-on, appurtenance, appendage, accoutrement, auxiliary

3‘all cars have points for the attachment of safety restraints’

fixing, fastening, affixing, linking, coupling, clamping, connection, connecting
addition, adding, incorporation, introduction, insertion

4‘he was on attachment from another regiment’

assignment, detail, appointment, allocation, secondment, transfer, relocation

5‘they have abandoned their previous party attachments’

affiliation, association, alliance, alignment, union, bond, liaison, coalition, partnership, fellowship, belonging
links, ties, connections, sympathies

6‘the attachment of criminals' property’

Law seizure, confiscation, appropriation, expropriation, sequestration, taking away, commandeering
Law distrainment, disseisin
Scots Law poinding