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1‘I attempted to answer the question’

try, strive, aim, venture, endeavour, seek, set out, do one's best, do all one can, do one's utmost, make an effort, make every effort, spare no effort, give one's all, take it on oneself
have a go at, undertake, embark on, try one's hand at, try out
informal give it a whirl, give it one's best shot, go all out, pull out all the stops, bend over backwards, knock oneself out, bust a gut, break one's neck, move heaven and earth, have a crack at, have a shot at, have a stab at
Australian, New Zealand informal give it a burl, give it a fly
formal essay
archaic assay


1‘an attempt to put the economy to rights’

effort, endeavour, try, bid, venture, trial, experiment
informal crack, go, shot, stab, bash, whack
formal essay
archaic assay