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1‘they attended a carol service’

be present at, be at, be there at, sit in on, take part in
appear at, put in an appearance at, make an appearance at, present oneself at, turn up at, visit, pay a visit to, go to
frequent, haunt, patronize
informal show up at, pop up at, show one's face at, hang out at, take in, catch


2‘he had not attended sufficiently to the regulations’

pay attention, pay heed, be attentive, listen, lend an ear
concentrate on, take note of, bear in mind, give thought to, take into consideration, be heedful of, heed, respect, follow, observe, notice, mark
informal tune in to, get a load of, check out, be all ears for
archaic hearken, give ear, regard

disregard, ignore

3‘the wounded could be attended to at a nearby village’

care for, look after, take care of, minister to, administer to, keep an eye on, see to
tend, treat, nurse, help, aid, assist, succour, nurture, mind
informal doctor

4‘their father attended to the boy's education’

deal with, cope with, see to, address, manage, organize, orchestrate, make arrangements for, sort out, handle, take care of, take charge of, take responsibility for, take in hand, take forward, take up, undertake, tackle, give one's attention to, apply oneself to


5‘the queen was attended by a liveried usher’

escort, accompany, guard, chaperone, squire, convoy, guide, lead, conduct, usher, shepherd, follow, shadow
assist, help, serve, wait on

6‘her giddiness was attended with a fever’

be accompanied by, be associated with, be connected with, be linked with, go hand in hand with
occur with, co-occur with, coexist with, be produced by, be brought about by, originate from, originate in, stem from, result from, be a result of, arise from, follow on from, be a consequence of