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1‘Thomas preferred formal attire for dinner’

clothing, clothes, garments, dress, wear, outfit, turnout, garb, ensemble, costume, array, finery, regalia
wardrobe, accoutrements, trappings
British kit, strip
informal gear, togs, garms, duds, glad rags, get-up
British informal clobber, rig-out
North American informal threads
formal apparel
archaic raiment, habiliments, habit, vestments


1‘the widow was correctly attired in black crêpe’

dress, clothe, dress up, fit out, garb, robe, array, deck, deck out, turn out, trick out, trick up, costume, accoutre
drape, swathe, adorn
informal doll up, get up
British informal rig out
formal apparel
literary bedizen, caparison, furbelow
archaic invest, habit, trap out