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1‘he had absolute authority over his subordinates’

power, jurisdiction, command, control, mastery, charge, dominance, dominion, rule, sovereignty, ascendancy, supremacy, domination
influence, sway, the upper hand, leverage, hold, grip
coloquial clout, pull, muscle, teeth
Norteamericano coloquial drag

2‘military forces have the legal authority to arrest drug traffickers’

authorization, right, power, mandate, prerogative, licence
carte blanche
historical droit

3‘the money was spent without parliamentary authority’

authorization, permission, consent, leave, sanction, licence, dispensation, assent, acquiescence, agreement, approval, seal of approval, approbation, endorsement, imprimatur, clearance
coloquial the go-ahead, the thumbs up, the OK, the green light, say-so
marginal permit

4authorities‘the plight of the refugees was acknowledged by the authorities’

officials, officialdom, the people in charge, the government, the administration, the establishment, the bureaucracy, the system
the police
coloquial the powers that be, the suits, the men in suits, Big Brother

5‘he has the natural authority of one who is used to being obeyed’

influence, sway, control, leverage, power, command, weight
reputation, standing, kudos, status, stature, prestige, gravitas, image, esteem
supremacy, superiority, eminence
rank, position, station
credibility, plausibility, integrity
acceptance, trust, faith, confidence
coloquial clout, pull
Norteamericano coloquial drag

6‘he was an authority on the stock market’

expert, specialist, professional, pundit, oracle, past master, master, maestro, doyen, adept
guru, sage, scholar
connoisseur, aficionado, one of the cognoscenti
coloquial walking encyclopedia, bible, buff, boffin, ace, pro, whizz, wizard
Britanico coloquial dab hand
Norteamericano coloquial maven, crackerjack

7‘the court cited a series of authorities supporting their decision’

source, reference, piece of documentation
citation, quotation, quote, excerpt, passage

8‘I have it on good authority that you were there’

evidence, testimony, witness, attestation, sworn statement, declaration, word, avowal, deposition, profession