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irritable, irascible, tetchy, testy, grumpy, grouchy, crotchety, in a mood, in a bad mood, cantankerous, curmudgeonly, ill-tempered, ill-natured, ill-humoured, peevish, having got out of bed on the wrong side, cross
fractious, disagreeable, pettish, crabbed, crabby, waspish, prickly, peppery, touchy, scratchy, crusty, splenetic, shrewish, short-tempered, hot-tempered, quick-tempered, dyspeptic, choleric, bilious, liverish, cross-grained
Britanico as cross as two sticks
coloquial snappish, snappy, chippy, on a short fuse, short-fused
Britanico coloquial shirty, stroppy, narky, ratty, eggy, like a bear with a sore head
Norteamericano coloquial cranky, ornery, peckish, soreheaded
inglés de Australia, inglés de Nueva Zelanda coloquial snaky
coloquial, anticuado waxy, miffy

good-humoured, affable