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1‘the Government made some kind of bargain with the Opposition’

agreement, arrangement, understanding, deal
contract, pact, compact, covenant, concordat, treaty, entente, accord, concord, protocol, convention
pledge, promise, engagement
transaction, negotiation

2‘this binder is a bargain at £1.98’

good buy, cheap buy
value for money, good value for money, surprisingly cheap
informal snip, steal, giveaway



1‘he bargained with the Council to rent the stadium’

haggle, barter, negotiate, discuss terms, hold talks, deal, wheel and deal, trade, traffic
North American dicker
formal treat
archaic chaffer, palter


    into the bargain

    ‘I'll tell you another thing into the bargain’

    also, as well, in addition, additionally, besides, furthermore, moreover, yet, on top, on top of that, over and above that, as a bonus, as an extra, to boot, for good measure
    North American in the bargain
    bargain for

    ‘this was more than we had bargained for’

    expect, anticipate, be prepared for, allow for, plan for, reckon with, take into account, take into consideration, contemplate, imagine, envisage, foresee, predict, look for, hope for, look to
    count on, rely on, depend on, bank on, plan on, reckon on, calculate on, be sure of, trust in, take for granted, take as read
    North American informal figure on