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1‘Bill arrived, bearing a large picnic hamper’

carry, bring, transport, move, convey, take, fetch, haul, lug, shift
informal tote

2‘the letter bore the signature of a local councillor’

display, exhibit, show, present, set forth, be marked with, carry, have

3‘the track has horizontal concrete slabs, which bear the weight of the vehicle’

support, carry, hold up, prop up, keep up, bolster up
brace, shore up, underpin, buttress, reinforce

4‘ratepayers will have to bear the cost of such a move’

sustain, carry, support, shoulder, uphold, absorb, take on

5‘the drugs had been planted by someone who bore a grudge against him’

harbour, foster, entertain, cherish, nurse, nurture, brood over, possess, have, hold, hold on to, cling to, maintain, retain

6‘such a solution does not bear close scrutiny’

withstand, stand up to, stand, put up with, take, cope with, handle, resist, sustain, absorb, accept

7‘I'm not sure how much longer I can bear the pain’

endure, tolerate, put up with, stand, suffer, abide, submit to, experience, undergo, go through, countenance, brook, brave, weather, support
informal stick, stomach, swallow

8‘I can't bear being dependent on other people’

tolerate, stand, put up with, stomach, swallow, brook, undergo, accept, approve of, endorse, allow, admit, permit
Scottish thole
informal stick, hack, abide
British informal wear, be doing with
archaic suffer

9‘at seventeen she bore his daughter’

give birth to, bring forth, deliver, be delivered of, have, mother, create, produce, spawn
breed, procreate, reproduce
North American birth
informal drop
literary beget
archaic engender, be brought to bed of

10‘the radio bore the news of a policeman shot in Belfast’

communicate, carry, spread, disclose, tell, disseminate, circulate, diffuse, pass on, make public, make known
transmit, broadcast, publish

11‘a squash that bears fruit shaped like cucumbers’

produce, yield, give forth, give, provide, supply, generate, afford, furnish, bestow

12‘you drive to the end of the street, bear left, and go into the car park’

veer, curve, swerve, incline, turn, fork, diverge, deviate, bend
go, move
Sailing tack, sheer


    bear fruit

    ‘plans for power-sharing may be about to bear fruit’

    yield results, get results, succeed, meet with success, be successful, be effective, be profitable, work, go as planned
    informal pay off, come off, pan out, do the trick, do the business

    come to nothing

    bear something out

    ‘he has conducted experiments that bear out these ideas’

    confirm, corroborate, substantiate, endorse, vindicate, give credence to, support, ratify, warrant, uphold, justify, prove, authenticate, verify

    contradict, falsify

    bear up

    ‘she looks fantastic and is bearing up remarkably well’

    cope, persevere, manage, endure
    muddle along, muddle through, get through, get on, carry on, get along, deal with the situation
    grin and bear it, weather the storm
    informal make out, get by, hack it

    go to pieces

    bear oneself

    ‘she bore herself like a queen as she slowly descended the stairs’

    conduct oneself, carry oneself, acquit oneself, act, behave, perform
    rare comport oneself, deport oneself
    bear on

    ‘there is a long cultural history which bears on the way these writers express themselves’

    be relevant to, appertain to, pertain to, relate to, have a bearing on, have relevance to, apply to, be pertinent to, have reference to, concern, be concerned with, have to do with, be connected with

    be irrelevant to

    bear witness to

    ‘the great cathedrals bore witness to a towering vision of transcendence’

    testify to, be evidence of, be proof of, attest to, confirm, evidence, prove, vouch for
    demonstrate, show, establish, indicate, reveal, bespeak
    bear down on

    ‘at a canter they bore down on the mass of men ahead’

    advance on, close in on, move in on, converge on, approach, come close to, come closer to, move close to, move closer to, draw near to, draw nearer to, press on towards
    attack, set upon, fall upon, assail, let fly at, tear into
    British informal set about

    retreat from, move away from

    bear something in mind

    ‘it is important to bear in mind that different countries have different regimes’

    take into account, be mindful, remember, consider, mind, mark, heed, take into consideration, not forget
    respect, have regard to, pay regard to, make allowances for, be guided by

    forget, ignore

    bear with

    ‘bear with me a moment while I make a telephone call’

    be patient with, show forbearance towards, make allowances for, tolerate, put up with, endure, suffer