Synonyms of belabour in English:


See UK English definition of belabour


1‘Bernard was belabouring Jed with his fists’

beat, hit, strike, smack, batter, pummel, pound, buffet, rain blows on, thrash, bombard, pelt
beat up, assault, attack, set upon, weigh into
North American beat up on
informal wallop, whack, clout, clobber, bop, biff, sock, deck, plug, knock about, knock around, knock into the middle of next week, beat the living daylights out of, give someone a good hiding, do over, work over, rough up, lay into, tear into, lace into, sail into, get stuck into
British informal set about, have a go at
North American informal whale, light into
archaic smite

2‘I have been dreadfully belaboured in the London Magazine’

criticize, attack, berate, censure, condemn, denounce, denigrate, revile, castigate, pillory, flay, lambast, savage, pull to pieces, tear to pieces, find fault with, run down, abuse
informal knock, slam, pan, bash, take apart, crucify, hammer, lay into, roast, skewer, bad-mouth
British informal slate, rubbish, slag off, monster
North American informal pummel, cut up
Australian, New Zealand informal bag
rare excoriate


3‘there is no need to belabour the point here’

over-elaborate, labour, discuss at length, dwell on, harp on about, hammer away at, expound on, expand on
overdo, overplay, overdramatize, make too much of, place too much emphasis on
informal flog to death, drag out, make a big thing of, blow out of all proportion
North American informal do over