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1‘the plant probably belongs within this broad group’

have a place, be located, be situated, be found, lie, stand, be included, be classed, be classified, be categorized

2‘she is a stranger and doesn't belong here’

fit in, be suited to, have a rightful place, have a home, be part of
informal go, click


    belong to

    1‘the house they lived in belonged to a German lady’

    be owned by, be the property of, be the possession of, be in the ownership of, be held by, be at the disposal of, be in the hands of

    2‘I don't belong to a trade union’

    be a member of, be in, be included in, be affiliated to, be allied to, be associated with, be connected to, be linked to, be an adherent of

    3‘the balcony belonged to a room on the second floor’

    be part of, be attached to, be an adjunct of, link up with, go with