Synonyms of below par in English:

below par

See definition of above par


1‘the team's performances have been consistently below par’

substandard, inferior, not up to standard, not up to scratch, under par, below average, lacking, wanting, second-rate, mediocre, middling, poor, bad, inadequate, unsatisfactory, uninspired, undistinguished
informal not up to snuff
North American informal bush-league

2‘I'm feeling a bit below par this evening’

slightly unwell, not well, not very well, not oneself, not in good shape, out of sorts
ill, ailing, unwell, poorly, indisposed
unhealthy, unfit, washed out, run down, tired, fatigued, peaky, liverish
sick, queasy, nauseous
British off, off colour
informal under the weather, not up to snuff, funny, peculiar, crummy, lousy, rough
British informal ropy, grotty
Scottish informal wabbit
Australian, New Zealand informal crook
dated seedy, queer