Synonyms of blather in English:


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1‘he just blathered on and on’

prattle, babble, chatter, twitter, prate, gabble, jabber, go on, run on, rattle away, rattle on, yap, jibber-jabber, patter, blether, blither, maunder, ramble, drivel
informal yak, yackety-yak, yabber, yatter
British informal witter, rabbit, chunter, natter, waffle
Scottish, Northern English informal slabber
Australian, New Zealand informal mag
archaic twaddle, clack, twattle


1‘he has to write about all the blather at the town council’

prattle, chatter, twitter, babble, talk, prating, gabble, jabber, blether, rambling
nonsense, balderdash, gibberish, claptrap
British rubbish
informal yackety-yak, yabbering, yatter, tripe, twaddle, hogwash, baloney, drivel, bilge, bosh, bull, bunk, guff, eyewash, piffle, poppycock, phooey, hooey, malarkey, dribble
British informal rot, wittering, nattering, chuntering, cobblers, codswallop, stuff and nonsense, tosh, cack
Scottish, Northern English informal havers
North American informal garbage, flapdoodle, blathers, wack, bushwa, applesauce
informal, dated bunkum, tommyrot, cod, gammon, toffee
vulgar slang shit, bullshit, horseshit, crap, bollocks, balls
Australian, New Zealand vulgar slang bulldust
archaic clack, twattle