Synonyms of bludgeon in English:


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1‘they were violently assaulted by hooligans wielding bludgeons’

cudgel, club, stick, truncheon, baton, bat, heavy weapon, blunt instrument
North American nightstick, blackjack
British informal cosh


1‘he was waylaid by four of them and bludgeoned to death’

batter, cudgel, club, strike, hit, beat, beat up, hammer, thrash
informal clobber

2‘there are few things worse than being bludgeoned into reading a book you hate’

coerce, force, compel, press, pressurize, pressure, drive, bully, browbeat, hector, badger, dragoon, steamroller
oblige, make, prevail on, constrain
informal strong-arm, railroad, bulldoze, put the screws on, tighten the screws on, turn the screws on