Synonyms of blunder in English:


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1‘she stopped, finally aware of the terrible blunder she had made’

mistake, error, gaffe, fault, slip, oversight, inaccuracy, botch
debacle, fiasco
faux pas
informal slip-up, boo-boo, howler, foul-up, fail
British informal boob, clanger
North American informal blooper
British informal, dated bloomer
vulgar slang fuck-up


1‘the government admitted that it had blundered in its handling of the affair’

make a mistake, be mistaken, err, be in error, misjudge, miscalculate, bungle, trip up, be wrong, get something wrong, be wide of the mark
informal slip up, screw up, blow it, foul up, goof, put one's foot in it, make a boo-boo
vulgar slang fuck up
British vulgar slang bugger up, drop a brick, boob

2‘I heard her blundering about the flat’

stumble, lurch, stagger, falter, flounder, muddle, struggle, fumble, grope