Synonyms of boast in English:


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1‘his mother had been boasting about how wonderful he was to all her friends’

brag, crow, swagger, swank, gloat, show off, blow one's own trumpet, sing one's own praises, congratulate oneself, pat oneself on the back
exaggerate, overstate
preen oneself, give oneself airs
informal talk big, blow hard, lay it on thick, shoot one's mouth off
Australian, New Zealand informal skite, big-note oneself

deprecate, belittle

2‘the museum boasts a breathtaking collection of glassware’

possess, have, own, enjoy, pride itself on, pride oneself on, be the proud owner of


1‘his proud boast is that he started off without any outside financial backing’

brag, self-praise
exaggeration, overstatement
bragging, crowing, swaggering
informal swank, swanking
Australian, New Zealand informal skite
literary fanfaronade
archaic vaunt, rodomontade, gasconade

2‘the hall is the boast of the county’

pride, pride and joy, joy, wonder, delight, darling, treasure, gem, pearl, apple of someone's eye, valued object, source of satisfaction