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1‘he managed to slip the bolt on the shed door’

bar, lock, catch, latch, fastener, hasp, pin

2‘nuts and bolts’

rivet, pin, peg, screw

3‘I heard the click of a crossbow, and a bolt whirred over my head’

arrow, quarrel, dart, shaft, missile, projectile
literary reed

4‘the house was struck by a bolt of lightning’

flash, shaft, streak, burst, discharge, flare, fulmination
archaic levin

5‘Marco made a bolt for the door’

dash, dart, run, sprint, rush, bound, leap, jump, spring, gallop

6‘a bolt of cloth’

roll, reel, spool, bundle, bale, parcel, packet, quantity, amount


1‘he bolted the door behind us’

lock, bar, fasten, latch, secure, seal

unbolt, open

2‘the lid was bolted down’

rivet, pin, clamp, peg, screw, batten, pinion
fasten, fix, secure

3‘Anna turned and bolted from the room’

dash, dart, run, sprint, hurtle, rush, hurry, fly, shoot, flash, spring, leap, bound, start
flee, abscond, escape, take flight, make a break for it, make a run for it, take to one's heels, beat a retreat, beat a hasty retreat, clear out
informal tear, zoom, skedaddle, scram, beat it, scoot, make oneself scarce
British informal flit, scarper, do a bunk, leg it
North American informal hightail, hightail it, take a powder, cut and run

4‘he bolted down his breakfast’

gobble, gulp, wolf, guzzle, devour, gorge on, gorge oneself on, eat greedily, eat hungrily
informal tuck into, pack away, put away, demolish, polish off, scoff, scoff down, down, stuff one's face with, pig oneself on, murder, shovel down
British informal shift, gollop
Northern Irish informal gorb
North American informal scarf, scarf down, scarf up, snarf, snarf down, snarf up, inhale
rare ingurgitate


    a bolt from the blue

    ‘the job came like a bolt from the blue’

    shock, surprise, bombshell, jolt, thunderbolt, revelation, source of amazement
    informal turn-up for the books, shocker, whammy