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1‘the two women forged a close bond’

friendship, relationship, fellowship, partnership, association, affiliation, alliance, coalition
attachment, tie, link, connection, union, nexus

2bonds‘the prisoner struggled with his bonds’

chains, fetters, shackles, manacles, irons
ropes, cords, ties, fastenings, restraints
marginal trammels

3‘I ran away and I've broken my bond’

promise, pledge, vow, avowal, oath, word, word of honour, solemn word, guarantee, assurance
agreement, understanding, engagement, commitment, obligation, contract, pact, transaction, bargain, deal, settlement, covenant, compact, treaty, concordat, accord
bail, parole
arcaico troth


1‘the extensions are bonded to small sections of your hair’

join, connect, fasten, fix, affix, attach, secure, bind, stick, glue, gum, paste, cement, fuse, weld, solder