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1‘it's a boost to one's morale to know that people care’

uplift, lift, spur, encouragement, help, inspiration, stimulus, pick-me-up, fillip
support, bolster
informal shot in the arm

2‘the economy will benefit from a boost in sales’

increase, expansion, upturn, upsurge, upswing, rise, elevation, escalation, augmentation, improvement, development, advance, growth, boom, spurt
informal hike, step up, jack up


3‘she gave him a boost into the tree’

lift up, hoist up, push, thrust, shove, heave
informal a leg up, a hoick up


1‘he phones her regularly to boost her morale’

improve, raise, uplift, increase, augment, magnify, swell, amplify, enhance, encourage, heighten, help, promote, foster, nurture, arouse, stimulate, invigorate, revitalize, inspire, perk up
support, bolster, buttress, shore up
informal buck up, jack up, give a shot in the arm to

2‘they used radio advertising to boost sales’

increase, expand, raise, elevate, escalate, augment, add to, improve, strengthen, amplify, enlarge, inflate, push up, promote, advance, develop, further, foster, stimulate
facilitate, help, assist, aid, support, back, shore up
informal jack up, hike, hike up, beef up, crank up, bump up, step up

decrease, hinder

3‘he boosted her over the wall and scrambled up behind her’

lift, raise, hoist, push, thrust, shove, heave, elevate
help, aid, assist
informal hoick, give someone a leg up
rare upheave

4‘they employ an agency to boost their products’

publicize, promote, advertise, write up, praise
informal plug, give a plug to