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1‘they had a buffet lunch with loads of booze’

alcohol, alcoholic drink, liquor, intoxicating liquor, drink, strong drink, intoxicants
British spirits
informal grog, firewater, gut-rot, rotgut, mother's milk, tipple, the hard stuff, the demon drink, the bottle, Dutch courage, John Barleycorn, hooch, moonshine
British informal wallop, bevvy
Northern English, Irish informal sup
North American informal juice, the sauce
US informal bellywash


1‘I was boozing with my mates every evening’

drink, have a drink, drink alcohol, indulge, tipple, imbibe, swill
informal hit the bottle, take to the bottle, crack a bottle, knock a few back
British informal bevvy
North American informal bend one's elbow
archaic wassail, tope