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1‘the designs decorating the border of a medieval manuscript’

edge, margin, perimeter, circumference, periphery
rim, fringe, verge
sides, bounds, limits, extremities
literary marge, bourn, skirt

2‘I had to present my passport at the US border’

frontier, boundary, partition, borderline, dividing line, bounding line, perimeter
marches, bounds


1‘the fields were bordered by hedges and trees’

surround, enclose, encircle, circle, edge, skirt, fringe, hem, bound, line, flank

2‘the shoulder straps are bordered with gold braid’

edge, fringe, hem
trim, pipe, bind, band, decorate, finish

3‘years ago, Windsor Forest bordered on Broadmoor’

adjoin, abut, abut on, bound on, butt up against, be adjacent to, lie next to, neighbour, be contiguous with, touch, join, connect, meet, reach, extend as far as


    border on

    ‘he looked at her with something that bordered on contempt’

    verge on, approach, come close to, come near to, be near to, be comparable to, approximate to, be tantamount to, be not dissimilar to, be not unlike, be similar to, resemble, look like
    informal be not a million miles away from