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1‘they crossed a bouncy bridge of wooden planks’

springy, flexible, resilient
elastic, stretchy, stretchable, spongy, rubbery
rare tensible

2‘the car gives a rather bouncy ride’

bumpy, jolting, jolty, lurching, jerky, jumpy, jarring, bone-shaking, bone-breaking, turbulent, rough, uncomfortable

3‘she was always bouncy and rarely lost for words’

lively, energetic, perky, frisky, jaunty, zestful, dynamic, vital, vigorous, vibrant, animated, spirited, buoyant, bubbly, bubbling, sparkling, effervescent, vivacious, sunny, breezy, bright and breezy, enthusiastic, upbeat
informal peppy, zingy, zippy, zesty, chirpy, full of beans
North American informal peart