Synonyms of break up in English:

break up

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1‘after about an hour, the meeting broke up’

come to an end, end, finish, stop, terminate
adjourn, recess

2‘the crowd began to break up’

disperse, scatter, go in different directions, move in different directions, go separate ways, disband, separate, part company

3‘Danny and I broke up last year’

split up, separate, part, stop living together, part company, reach a parting of the ways, become estranged
divorce, get divorced, get a divorce
British informal bust up

4‘the whole cast broke up’

burst out laughing, start to laugh, roar with laughter, dissolve into laughter, shake with laughter, laugh uncontrollably, guffaw, be doubled up, split one's sides, hold one's sides
informal be in stitches, crack up, crease up, be creased up, be rolling in the aisles
British informal fall about, laugh like a drain