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1‘Curtis smoothed the bristles on his chin’

hair, whisker
stubble, designer stubble, five o'clock shadow
technical seta

2‘a hedgehog's bristles’

prickle, spine, quill, thorn, barb


1‘Corbett sensed menace and malevolence, and the hair on the back of his neck bristled’

rise, stand up, stand on end
literary horripilate

2‘she swivelled round, bristling at his tone’

get angry, become infuriated, be furious, be maddened, bridle, become indignant, be irritated, get one's hackles up, have one's hackles up, feel one's hackles rise, rear up, draw oneself up, flare up, see red
take offence, take umbrage
be defensive

3‘the roof bristled with antennae’

abound, swarm, teem, crawl, overflow, hum, be alive, be packed, be crowded, be thronged, be jammed, be infested, be full, be covered
informal be thick, be crawling, be lousy, be stuffed, be jam-packed, be chock-a-block, be chock-full