Synonyms of cancel in English:


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1‘the match was cancelled due to a frozen pitch’

call off, abandon, scrap, drop
postpone, mothball
informal scrub, scratch, axe, nix
North American informal redline

2‘his visa had been cancelled’

annul, invalidate, nullify, declare null and void, render null and void, void
revoke, rescind, retract, countermand, set aside, take back, withdraw, recall, repeal, overrule, override, abrogate, quash
extinguish, remit, retire
vacate, discharge
rare disannul, negate

3‘rising unemployment had cancelled out the earlier economic gains’

neutralize, counterbalance, counteract, balance, balance out, countervail
negate, nullify, wipe out
offset, compensate for, make up for
rare negative, counterweigh

4‘there is one paragraph that should be cancelled’

delete, cross out, strike out, put a line through, blue-pencil, scratch out, obliterate, blot out, cut out, expunge, efface, erase, rub out, eradicate, eliminate
British Trademark Tippex out
technical dele