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1‘Warsaw is the capital of Poland’

first city, most important city, seat of government, centre of administration

2‘by 1977 he had amassed enough capital to pull off the property deal of the century’

money, finance, finances, funds, the wherewithal, the means, assets, wealth, resources, reserves, deep pockets, stock, principal
working capital, investment capital
informal dough, bread, loot, shekels, moolah, the necessary, wad, boodle, dibs, gelt, ducats, rhino, gravy, scratch, stuff, oof
British informal dosh, brass, lolly, spondulicks, wonga, ackers, the ready, readies
North American informal dinero, greenbacks, simoleons, bucks, jack, mazuma
Australian, New Zealand informal Oscar
informal, dated splosh, green, tin
British dated l.s.d.
North American informal, dated kale, rocks, shinplasters
archaic pelf

3‘he wrote the name in capitals’

capital letter, upper-case letter, block capital
informal cap
technical uncial, uncial letter, majuscule letter


1‘capital letters’

upper-case, block
technical uncial, majuscule