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1‘she carried the box of food into the kitchen’

convey, transfer, move, take, bring, bear, shift, switch, fetch, transport
informal cart, lug, hump, schlep, tote

2‘Britain's biggest coach operator carries 12 million passengers a year’

transport, convey, transmit, move, handle

3‘satellites were used to carry the signal over the Atlantic’

transmit, conduct, pass on, relay, communicate, convey, impart, bear, dispatch, beam
disseminate, spread, circulate, diffuse

4‘the dinghy would carry the weight of the baggage easily enough’

support, sustain, stand, prop up, shore up, bolster, underpin, buttress

5‘managers carry as much responsibility as possible’

undertake, accept, assume, bear, shoulder, support, sustain
take on, take up, take on oneself
manage, handle, deal with, get to grips with, turn one's hand to

6‘she told him the baby she was carrying was not his’

be pregnant with, bear, expect
technical be gravid with

7‘she carried herself with a certain assurance’

conduct, bear, hold
act, behave, perform, acquit
rare comport, deport

8‘a resolution was carried by an overwhelming majority’

approve, vote for, accept, endorse, ratify, authorize, mandate, support, back, uphold
agree to, consent to, assent to, acquiesce in, concur in, accede to, give one's blessing to, bless, give one's seal of approval to, give one's stamp of approval to, rubber-stamp, say yes to
informal give the go-ahead to, give the green light to, give the OK to, OK, give the thumbs up to, give the nod to, buy


9‘this argument carried the day’

win, capture, gain, secure, effect, take, accomplish


10‘I spoke for forty minutes and carried the whole audience’

win over, sway, prevail on, convince, persuade, influence
affect, have an effect on, have an impact on, impact on, motivate, stimulate, drive, touch, reach

11‘today's paper carried an article on housing policy’

publish, print, communicate, give, release, distribute, spread, disseminate
broadcast, transmit

12‘we carry a wide assortment of hockey sticks’

sell, stock, keep, keep in stock, offer, have for sale, have, retail, market, supply, trade in, deal in, traffic in, peddle, hawk

13‘most common domestic toxins carry poison warnings’

display, bear, exhibit, show, present, set forth, be marked with, have

14‘contempt of court carries a maximum penalty of two years' imprisonment’

entail, involve, lead to, result in, occasion, have as a consequence, have
require, demand

15‘his voice carried across the quay’

be audible, travel, reach, be transmitted


    get carried away

    ‘I'm afraid I got a bit carried away’

    lose self-control, get excited, get overexcited, go too far, lose one's sense of proportion, be swept off one's feet
    informal flip, lose it
    carry someone off

    ‘his elder brother had been carried off by consumption’

    kill, kill off, cause the death of, cause to die, end the life of, take the life of, dispatch, finish off
    informal polish off, do in
    carry something off

    1‘her co-star carried off four awards’

    win, secure, capture, gain, achieve, attain, earn, obtain, acquire, procure, get, collect, pick up, come away with
    informal land, net, bag, bank, pot, scoop, walk away with, walk off with

    2‘against the odds, he has carried it off’

    succeed in, triumph in, be victorious in, achieve success in, be successful in, be a success in, do well at, make good in, knock something out of the park, hit something out of the park
    informal crack
    carry something out

    1‘the decision to carry out a caesarean section’

    conduct, perform, implement, execute, discharge, bring about, bring off, effect
    rare effectuate

    2‘I carried out my promise to her’

    fulfil, carry through, implement, execute, effect, discharge, perform, honour, redeem, make good
    keep, observe, abide by, comply with, obey, respect, conform to, stick to, act in accordance with, act according to, have regard to, heed, follow, pay attention to, defer to, take notice of, be bound by, keep faith with, stand by, adhere to


    carry on

    1‘she didn't have the strength to carry on arguing’

    continue, keep on, keep, keep at, go on, push on, press on, persist in, persevere in, not stop, maintain
    informal stick at, stick with


    2‘it's just not the English way of carrying on’

    behave, act, perform, conduct oneself, acquit oneself, bear oneself, carry oneself
    rare comport oneself, deport oneself

    3‘his wife had been carrying on with other men’

    have an affair, commit adultery, philander, dally, be involved
    informal play around, have a fling, mess about, mess around, play away
    North American informal fool around

    4‘I abused the teachers and was always carrying on’

    misbehave, behave badly, make mischief, get up to mischief, be mischievous, act up, cause trouble, cause a commotion, cause a fuss, be up to no good, get up to no good, be bad, be naughty, clown about, clown around, fool about, fool around, mess about, mess around, act the clown, act the fool, act the goat, act foolishly
    informal create
    British informal muck about, muck around, play up


    carry something on

    ‘a bank carrying on a bona fide business’

    engage in, conduct, undertake, be involved in, take part in, participate in, carry out, perform, direct