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1‘he cast the stone into the stream’

throw, toss, fling, pitch, hurl, bowl, dash, shy, lob, launch, flip, let fly, direct, discharge, project, propel, send
informal chuck, heave, sling, bung

2‘fishermen cast their nets into the sea’

spread, throw, lay out, open out, unroll, fan out, stretch out

3‘she cast a fearful glance over her shoulder’

direct, shoot, turn, throw, send, dart, bestow, give

4‘each adult citizen has the right to cast a vote’

register, record, enter, file, lodge, post, set down, vote
allot, assign, give

5‘the fire cast a soft light’

emit, give off, send out, send forth, shed, radiate, diffuse, spread out

6‘the figures cast dancing shadows on the carpet’

form, create, make, produce, cause
project, throw

7‘the stags' antlers are cast each year’

shed, discard, slough off, throw off, get rid of, let fall, let drop
moult, peel off
technical exuviate

8‘until the 1880s printing type was cast by hand’

mould, fashion, form, shape, model
sculpt, sculpture, frame, forge, carve
make, create, build, manufacture

9‘he gave lectures on astrology and cast horoscopes in his spare time’

calculate, devise, compute, reckon, determine, assess, work out, formulate, record, write
predict, forecast, foretell, foresee, prophesy

10‘they were cast as extras in the film’

choose, select, pick, name, nominate, assign, appoint, assign the part to, give the part to


1‘the artist is exhibiting a series of bronze casts taken from ceramic moulds’

casting, replica, copy, model, representation, mock-up, imitation, reproduction, duplicate

2‘when a metal enters a cast, it may appear to flow uniformly’

mould, die, form, matrix, shape, template, pattern, frame

3‘a cast of the dice’

throw, toss, fling, pitch, hurl, shy, lob, flip
informal chuck, heave, sling, bung, go

4‘a child with an inquiring, ironical cast of mind’

type, sort, kind, variety, class, style, stamp, nature, manner, pattern, grain, mould, ilk, kidney, strain, brand, genre
turn, inclination, bent

5‘he had a pronounced cast in one eye’

squint, cross-eyes
British informal boss-eye
technical strabismus

6‘he joined the cast of ‘The Barber of Seville’’

actors, performers, players, company, troupe
dramatis personae, characters


    cast away

    ‘he returned home three years after being cast away on the island’

    shipwreck, wreck
    strand, leave stranded, maroon, cast ashore, abandon, leave behind, leave
    informal leave high and dry
    archaic forsake
    cast down

    ‘she could not bear to see him so miserable and cast down’

    depressed, downcast, unhappy, sad, miserable, gloomy, down, low, blue, melancholy, doleful, mournful
    dejected, dispirited, discouraged, disheartened, downhearted, demoralized, daunted, dismayed, desolate, disconsolate, crestfallen, crushed, sapped, shaken, undermined, despondent, weighed down, oppressed, wretched
    cast aside

    ‘he glanced down at a newspaper that had been cast aside’

    discard, reject, cast away, throw away, cast out, throw out, dispense with, get rid of, dispose of, abandon